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Rethink your travel

As part of your GC2018 business travel planning, we encourage you to consider the following solutions for your business:

  • Reduce travel during GC2018 where possible
  • Re-time your travel outside of peak hours
  • Re-route your travel to avoid congested roads
  • Re-mode your travel – cycling, walking or public transport may be quicker than taking the car.

View a range of tools and resources to help you get your business ready for GC2018.

    Staff and business-related travel

    Carpooling is a great way for work
    colleagues to reduce transport costs
    and help ease traffic congestion.

    • Enable staff to work from other offices, locations or home.
    • Use alternative methods of meeting, for example, conference calls, web or video calls.
    • Allow staff to work compressed weeks, for example, work five days compressed into four longer days.
    Re-mode (to alternative transport methods)
    • Encourage staff to cycle or walk short distances to meetings.
    • Provide staff with end of trip facilities e.g. showers, lockers or secure bike parking.
    • Promote bike parking facilities if available.
    • Reduce the number of cars on the road by carpooling with colleagues.

    Get set to Carpool factsheet (PDF 2.6MB)

    Carpooling spreadsheet with suggested routes (Excel 117KB)

    • Support flexible working hours to enable travel outside of peak times.
    • Schedule meetings or conferences prior to or after GC2018.
    • Book appointments to avoid travel during peak hours.
    • Encourage staff and stakeholders to plan ahead and take alternative routes.

    Customer and visitor travel

    Encourage visitors to cycle or walk short
    distances to meetings where possible.

    • Promote alternative supply methods where possible, for example, online ordering and delivery.
    Re-mode (to alternative transport methods)
    • Encourage visitors to cycle or walk short distances
    • Promote bike parking facilities if available.
    • Adjust opening hours to encourage travel outside of peak times
    • Inform customers and visitors of the best times to travel to avoid peak times.
    • Promote alternative offices or work locations.

    Developing a Games Travel Action Plan will help you identify and manage potential impacts on your business.

      Top travel tips to keep your business moving

      1. Join the Get Set for the Games Travel Advice for Business Program for access to free, practical advice and support to help you with your GC2018 travel planning

      2. Develop a Games Travel Action Plan to identify challenges and solutions for your business to implement

      3. Re-time your travel to outside of peak times

      4. Re-route your travel to avoid potential congestion and changed traffic access

      5. Re-mode your travel to cycling or walking – it may be quicker than travelling by car

      6. Reduce travel during the Games period where possible

      7. Schedule servicing and maintenance prior to or following the Games

      8. Test and communicate your plans with your staff, customers and visitors

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