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Major Events Regulation 2017

Major Events Regulation 2017

Major Events (Gold Coast Commonwealth Games) Regulation 2017

An important milestone for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) has been reached with the introduction of the Major Events (Gold Coast Commonwealth Games) Regulation 2017.

The Regulation is critical for the delivery of GC2018, as it enables the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation (GOLDOC) and its partners to deliver the 11 days of sporting competition across the Gold Coast and Event Cities by providing certain rights and responsibilities.

A range of sites have been declared as Major Event Areas as part of the Regulation, including temporary park ‘n’ ride sites, transport depots and Games Lanes. Games Lanes are a key measure in ensuring travel time commitments for athletes and officials travelling to venues are met, and have been used successfully in previous Games. These travel time commitments form part of the Host City Contract with the Commonwealth Games Federation.

More information about the Regulation is available at

About Games Lanes



Games Lanes are dedicated GC2018 traffic lanes for exclusive use by accredited vehicles from mid-March to 18 April 2018.

As shown on the map (PDF 777KB), they’ll be in place on parts of the Core Games Route Network (GRN) and in the final approach to competition venues. Additional Games Lanes may be implemented along parts of the Core GRN and on some approaches to the core network, if required, during the Games.

The lanes will be easily identified by special signage and line marking, and will be mostly located in the lane closest to the median. Some Games Lanes will be installed in the kerbside lane.

Games Lane Image

Games Lanes can only be used by vehicles with an accredited permit issued by GOLDOC, TransLink branded buses, emergency vehicles and vehicles being escorted by an emergency vehicle. Any other vehicles can use Games Lanes up to 100 metres to turn at an intersection, or to enter or exit a property. Use of Games Lanes will be closely monitored and fines will apply for misuse.

Road users may experience increased congestion and delays on the GRN due to changed traffic conditions including the Games Lanes. People are urged to plan ahead and use alternative routes if possible, given the importance of this network to get athletes and officials to events on time.


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