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How you could be affected

How you could be affected

During the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games we will experience increased pressure on transport and road networks, with over 6 million additional journeys expected over the Games period.

To manage this increase in demand, temporary changes will be implemented around the event cities leading up to the Games, including localised road closures, diversions and removal of on-street parking in some areas.

Each day of GC2018 will bring different transport conditions and hotspots, please see how travel will be affected in these areas:

To keep you moving during the Games please consider our top tips and advice when planning ahead. There is also a range of support available for both community members and businesses in affected areas to help prepare you for the Games.

Busiest times and locations

Hosting the Games will be a great opportunity for us all as we welcome hundreds of thousands of people. As the first Commonwealth Games held in a regional City, this is our opportunity to showcase the area to the world. We encourage you to make the most of this great experience by considering small changes to the way in which you usually travel so you don’t get caught out by the crowds.

If you can’t make a change every day of the Games, try focusing on making changes on the busiest days of the Games. Monday 9 April 2018 to Sunday 15 April 2018 is expected to be the busiest period, with Tuesday 10 April 2018 and Saturday 14 April 2018 expected to be exceptionally busy.

If we all do our bit and temporarily change the way we travel during the Games, together we will keep the area moving. More detailed information will be available soon on busiest times and locations.

M1 impacts

Travelling along the M1 (the main arterial road between the Gold Coast and Brisbane) during the Games will bring significant transport challenges and impacts.

A range of changes are going to occur to the M1 leading up to the Games to ensure the smooth transport of athletes and officials to and from venues during the Games, as well as ensuring business as usual between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

For more information on these changes, refer to M1 access and impacts.

Road impacts and closures

There will be a range of road impacts as a result of increased traffic demands, road based events and associated detours and closures.

It is important for you to be aware of these impacts so you can plan ahead and get set for the games so you can get to where you need to go, and on time!

These impacts include a combination of:

  • road event routes
  • local traffic management
  • road closures and detours
  • M1 impacts.
Road closures

Temporary road closures and security measures will be required in some areas across the event cities and will affect travel and access in and around affected areas.

We will provide predicted road impacts within affected areas, enabling you to start planning your travel in advance, and know which areas to avoid and at what times.

Information on predicted impacts including road closures and detours, will be available early 2018.

This information will be based on predicated affected areas including:

Public transport impacts

During the Games, travelling by car will be slower on busy routes during peak times and using public transport may be a better alternative where possible. 

There are a range of public transport options available to help you get to and travel around the Gold Coast including:

You may also need to consider walking or cycling short distances between stops or stations as it could be quicker. Please be aware there will also be changes to the public transport network during the Games - find out more

Road event routes

The program of events for GC2018 includes road-based competition and non-competition events:

These events will have an additional impact on the Games Route Network (GRN) as well as traffic within surrounding areas, with access to properties and some businesses restricted.

Additional measures, including temporary road closures, traffic diversions and security measures will be required in some areas to accommodate events and spectators.

Details of these temporary changes will be available early 2018.

Local traffic and parking management

A range of local traffic and parking management measures will be implemented across the Games cities to ensure athletes and the Games family get to events in time including:

  • local parking restrictions
  • local access permits
  • changes to access points, and
  • changes to local traffic signage.

More information on these changes will be available in 2018.

These measures will be implemented across the Games Route Network (GRN) at the Gold Coast as well as within the other Games cities.

Waterways impacts

Waterways are a great way to travel around the coast and is very popular in the Gold Coast area.

Waterways will be impacted during the Games, however some areas will be impacted differently. Changes to waterways will include:

  • access changes
  • new Protective Security Zones
  • pontoons, boat ramps and bridges.

Visit our waterways section for more information.

Walking and cycling impacts

During the Games, walking and cycling short distances or between stops and stations could be the quickest way to get around.

Some minor changes will be made to the existing cycle network and footpaths to support the safe operation of selected venues and reliable transport of athletes.

More information will become available in early 2018 on changes to the cycle network and footpaths.


Construction and programmed maintenance activities

The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) will be staged from 4–15 April 2018. It will be the most significant sporting event in Australia this decade and the largest that Queensland has ever hosted.

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will bring daily changes to how our city operates and increased pressure to our roads – before, during and after the Games.

There will be local changed traffic conditions in and around parking and venue sites as they are constructed in preparation for the Games. Works will start at different times, depending on the requirements of each location. More information on construction works occurring in each area is available here.

Changes to business as usual practices and procedures will be necessary to support GC2018 and keep our city operating. Your organisation will be impacted by these temporary changes. In support of GC2018 operations, a moratorium on construction and programmed maintenance activities will be applied in selected Gold Coast precincts and road corridors.

Please view the Moratorium on Construction (PDF 230KB) for more information

Transport Operations Plan

The Transport Operations Plan outlines at a strategic level how GOLDOC, The Department of Transport and Main Road (TMR) and the City of Gold Coast plan to deliver safe, secure, reliable and accessible transport to the Games Family (athletes and team officials, Games officials, accredited media and technical officials), spectators and GC2018 workforce, while keeping the city moving.

Major Events Regulation 2017

An important milestone for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) has been reached with the introduction of the Major Events (Gold Coast Commonwealth Games) Regulation 2017.

The Regulation is critical for the delivery of GC2018, as it enables the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation (GOLDOC) and its partners to deliver the 11 days of sporting competition across the Gold Coast and Event Cities by providing certain rights and responsibilities.

More information about the Regulation is available at

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