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How will my business be affected?

How will my business be affected?

How will my business be affected?

During the Games, there will be temporary changes to our transport network that will affect your business and the way that you operate. 

Some of the temporary changes will include:

  • temporary road and lane closures
  • changed traffic conditions
  • parking and loading zone restrictions
  • introduction of a Games Route Network (GRN).

You will play a vital role in keeping the Gold Coast and your business moving during the Games. It will be important to plan ahead and make changes to:

  • staff and business related travel
  • freight, servicing and deliveries
  • customer and visitor travel.

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For more information on temporary changes in your local area, visit our precinct pages. 








Surfers Paradise






Temporary changes during the Games

Games Route Network

The GRN is a network of roads linking the Commonwealth Games Village to competition and training venues and the airports. It’s a requirement of a host city and is the most efficient way of providing safe and reliable transport for athletes and officials to ensure they arrive at their events on time.

During the Games, the roads on the GRN will generally be available for use by all traffic but they will be busier than usual depending on the events in the area.

A key section of the GRN is referred to as the core GRN which is where Games Lanes will be activated. Games Lanes are dedicated traffic lanes which will be reserved only for use by public transport, official GC2018 vehicles and emergency services.

The lanes will be easily identified by special signage (see image below) and line marking, and in most cases will be located in the lane closest to the median.

If your business is located on or near the GRN or you use roads on the GRN regularly, it will be important for you to plan ahead to ensure your business continues to operate smoothly.

More information on the Games Route Network (GRN) and when it will be operational, will be available later in 2017.


Waste collection and deliveries

Changes to local access around venues will also be in place which may affect your servicing (waste collection) and deliveries. 

More information about any temporary changes to waste collection will be provided on this website and directly to affected residents closer to the event.


Parking restrictions

To support security and reduce congestion, no parking will be provided at or near GC2018 venues. 

More information about who will need a parking and/or access permit and how to obtain one will be available later in 2017.

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