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Games Route Network and Games Lanes

Games Route Network and Games Lanes

The Games Route Network (GRN) is a series of designated roads that will link the Commonwealth Games Village to all competition and non-competition venues and airports. It will help provide reliable transport operations for athletes and officials so they can get to their events on time. On some parts of the GRN, dedicated Games Lanes will be in place for the exclusive use of accredited vehicles.

The GRN will integrate with the broader road network and public transport networks, pedestrian walk ways, cycle paths, and freight networks to help maintain business as usual operations.

The proposed GRN includes five route categories including:

  1. Core Route
  2. Competition Venue Routes
  3. Training Venue Routes
  4. Alternate Routes
  5. Port of Entry Routes.

Watch the video below to find out where the Games Route Network is located: 

Games Route Network Map

Download Games Route Network Map (PDF 118KB)

Who can use the GRN?

As well as official Games transport, the GRN will also be used by shuttle buses transporting spectators and workforce to events, business as usual public transport services and general traffic.

Some sections of the GRN (for example, Games Lanes) will not be accessible to unauthorised road users.

To reduce congestion on the GRN we encourage you to pre-plan your trip and use alternative routes where available as you may experience increased congestion and delays.

What will be different?

Roads within the GRN will operate differently during GC2018 with temporary changed traffic conditions and heavier traffic volumes.

A range of temporary traffic management measures will be implemented to help provide reliable journey times for athletes and officials while minimising disruption to road users.

These measures will include a combination of:

  • dedicated Games Lanes
  • diversion routes
  • traffic signs and line markings
  • changes to traffic signal timings
  • restricted turns and/or road closures
  • intersection modifications
  • temporary closure or relocation of bus stops
  • parking restrictions and changes to local access around venues. 

Dedicated Games Lanes

Some of the roads within the GRN will include Games Lanes. These are dedicated traffic lanes for the exclusive use of accredited vehicles including Games Shuttles, TransLink buses, police and emergency vehicles. The Games Lanes will only be located on the Core GRN. There will be no Games Lanes on the Pacific Motorway (M1).

To find out more about the Games Lanes work – including who can use them and how to drive around them – watch the video below:

Download Games Lanes Map (PDF 638KB)

Where will the Games Lanes be?

Games Lanes will be located on sections of the four key Core GRN links: 

  • Smith Street
  • Gold Coast Highway (between Southport and Broadbeach)
  • Nerang-Broadbeach Road (between Broadbeach and Carrara)
  • Ross Street/Currumburra Road/Olsen Avenue (between Carrara and Parkwood). 

The Games Lanes will be mostly located in the existing median lane (far right lane), however the following sections of the network will have Games Lanes in the existing kerbside lane (far left lane):

  • Northbound on Ross Street between Nerang-Broadbeach Road and Ashmore Road
  • Eastbound on Smith Street from Olsen Avenue to the Gold Coast Highway
  • Eastbound on Nerang-Broadbeach Road/Hooker Boulevard from Nielsen’s Road and Dunlops Canal Bridge.

When will the Games Lanes be activated?

Games Lanes will be active as follows:

  • Smith Street from 31 March to 15 April
  • Gold Coast Highway from 2 April to 15 April
  • Nerang-Broadbeach Road from 1 April to 15 April
  • Ross Street/Currumburra Road/Olsen Avenue from 30 March to 15 April.

During these times, fines will apply if used by vehicles without appropriate authorisation.

In preparation for Games time, Games Lane line marking will take place from late February to late March 2018 on the abovementioned roads.

Download Games Lanes line marking works flyer (PDF 122)

Rolling lane closures will be in place while line marking activities are carried out. During the works, signage and traffic controllers will be in place to ensure the safety of motorists and road workers.

Every effort will be made to minimise impacts on local residents and businesses, however temporary impacts such as noise may be experienced.

Motorists are advised Games Lanes can be used by general traffic until their official activation from 30 March 2018.

Who can use the Games Lanes and how will access be enforced?

Games Lanes access will only be available to accredited vehicles, Games Shuttles, TransLink buses, police and emergency vehicles.

No general traffic is allowed in these lanes including taxis, and booked hire service including limousines.

General traffic can however use Games Lanes for up to 100 metres to:

  • turn at an intersection
  • enter or exit a property/road
  • avoid an obstruction. 

Access to Games Lanes will be tightly controlled and fines will apply if unaccredited vehicles use these lanes. Such enforcement is required to ensure only those vehicles that are approved for entry use them.

How will I know if I'm in a Games Lane?

Traffic signage and line markings will be installed to support the easy identification, operation and enforcement of Games Lanes. When both the signage and line markings are visible, Games Lanes will be enforceable.

Diversion routes

Non-Games related traffic on the GRN will be diverted away from competition venues to ensure key routes near venues are kept free flowing.

You may be required to take a diversion route rather than take the roads you normally use. 

Just follow the signs – diversions will be clearly signed to guide motorists.

Traffic signs and line markings

Signage and line marking will be installed to support the easy identification, operation and enforcement of the GRN, particularly at locations where Games Lanes are used.

When you are on the road, look out for GRN line marking and signage so you are aware of the changes.  

Games Lane Image

Changes to traffic signals

Customised traffic signal timing and coordination plans will be applied to manage traffic flow and support travel time reliability for athletes’ and officials’ vehicles.

Traffic flow at some intersections along the GRN will give priority to Games traffic.  You may be delayed longer than usual at some intersections.

Restricted turns and/or road closures

Temporary restricted turns will be implemented to improve traffic flow along the GRN where required.

You may not be able to turn where you normally do and some roads you would normally travel on may be closed. To find out where these changes will be in place, view our road closures page.

Intersection modifications

Intersection modifications will be made to improve traffic flow in key areas where required.

The layout of some intersections may change so please drive with caution.

Temporary closure or relocation of bus stops

The temporary closure or relocation of some bus stops will be required to help manage traffic around venues and to ensure buses transporting athletes, officials, spectators and workforce can safely move to and from the venues.

If your bus service or stop is near a Games venue or road event course, it may be diverted or temporarily cancelled during the Games. For more details, visit our local buses page.

Parking restrictions and changes to local access

Parking restrictions and access changes around venues are required to help manage traffic around venues and to ensure buses transporting athletes, officials, spectators and workforce can safely move to and from the venues.

If you live, work or visit areas near a Games venue, there will be limited parking opportunities near the venue and the roads you normally use may be changed. For more details, visit our road impacts page.

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